Solving Mould Problems

One in five homes suffers from problems caused by inadequate ventilation and poor indoor air quality, like condensation, mould and an increase in dust mites; each causing respiratory problems for residents.


Social Housing and private landlords understand their duty of care to residents to ensure homes are correctly ventilated.

We all need our homes to be fit for human habitation. The team at Vortice takes away your worry by undertaking a prompt survey, providing a full report and installing the right solutions to ensure your property is compliant and fit for healthy living. We’re here to solve your mould problems with our hassle free process.

With Vortice as your trusted partner, you're in safe hands ...

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  • Site evaluation

  • Survey report and costed recommendations provided

  • Installation

  • Compliance Certification

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    Problem Solved
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  • 90% of reported damp
    problems are actually
    caused by condensation

    Links to Building Regulations England

    Approved Document F
    Approved Document J
    Approved Document B
    Approved Document L

    Links to Building Regulations Wales

    Approved Document F
    Approved Document J
    Approved Document B
    Approved Document L

    Industry Guidance Documents

    Guidance Document – De-centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (dMEV) Sytems
    Best Practice Guidance: Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) System

    “After receiving a report of condensation and mould growth, I contacted Vortice who promptly arranged a survey and provided a written report which included a diagnosis and fully costed solution. Once approved, the work was completed within two weeks, I also received certification to confirm it complied with Building Regulations. I was delighted and so was the resident.”

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