Condensation and Mould Site Survey

Complete service solution including site survey to identify condensation and damp trouble spots.

Vortice offers a no obligation survey for social housing landlords to locate and detect condensation and mould causes in properties, recommend a treatment and provide a full costing for rectification.

During the free condensation and mould survey Vortice will measure the humidity level, temperature, dew point of the walls and take low level damp readings to determine the extent of the problem.


Vortice will conduct a site evaluation which will include:

  • Review of the current condition of the property and identification of any problems found.
  • Recording all instances of condensation, mould growth or damp within the property.
  • Measuring the performance of any existing mechanical ventilation equipment using calibrated anemometers.
  • Conducting an assessment of the current ventilation strategy and benchmarking against the relevant building regulations.


Vortice will then conduct a survey report:

  • The housing provider will receive a written report detailing the outcome of all items recorded during the property evaluation.
  • Survey report measures all relevant air quality data provided.
  • Recommendations will be made to ensure compliance with current regulations.
  • A fully costed installation solution will be provided.


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